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Fran Greenfield

Spiritual Resilience

Spiritual Resilience

Bounce Forward and Create Meaning, and Joy
in Work, Relationships and Health

Life is tough. Challenges abound. We crave certainty where there is none. We feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed when we want to feel happy, successful and free. Yet in the midst of our discomfort come times when the curtain parts. We see the wonder of life. And we’re inspired to laugh at ourselves, to “bounce forward,” dance in the light, enjoy, have fun, if only for a moment.

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From Fran the Resilience Coach

Bounce Forward: 6 Life Changing Leaps to Spiritual Resilience

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Spiritual Resilience generates a shift in thinking that makes these moments our new “normal.” It’s a system and a strategy that deals with the shocks and bumps of daily life and reverses automatic behavior so that outside events no longer determine your reactions. It helps you detach from the outcome, over which you have no control, and invest, instead, in the journey — A journey where you hold your intention in mind, without making it a measure of failure or success.

This dynamic stance of Creative Self-Mastery provides a way for you to live a happier more productive life, where you transform doubt into certainty and difficulty into possibility. Where you open your heart to “What Is,” instead of trying to make things into the way they “ought to be,” and you choose to see all of existence, including yourself, as valuable and whole.

This program is available through private coaching sessions and On-Line Practice Groups.

Standard Coaching Package @ $400 per month
Offers you two hours of private coaching per month, in addition to an initial complementary 20 minute phone consultation with email access 3 times per week between sessions.

Extended Coaching Package @ $1100 for 3 months
Offers two hours of coaching per month for 3 months, with email access 3 times a week between sessions.

Expanded Coaching Package @ $1700 for 5 months
Offers two hours of coaching per month for 5 months with email access between sessions

You may also book individual one hour coaching sessions with follow up email time @ $220 per session.

Private Coaching for The Spiritual Resilience Training

*Resilience is the ability to recover from adversity, to “Bounce Forward,” toward something new, to be flexible instead of brittle, soft instead of hard. Thus, allowing you to flow with, transform, and make use of whatever event comes your way.



Fran has saved me from every major (or minor) crisis I’ve had in the past 10 years. Actually it was she who taught me how to distinguish between the two by helping me to understand about “false emergencies.” I once told her that the whole world should go to her. I still think so… I’ve called her a guru, but she’s much more than that. Fran is an endlessly wise woman, who will listen to you (really listen) and then help you to find solutions. Once her lessons have ended (and you will wish they wouldn’t because you will leave each session smarter and clearer), you will know… READ MORE

– Joan S, Teacher & Learner

The Resilience Models

1. The Wisdom Model

Acknowledge and embrace what is and find value in it.

2. The Gratitude Model

Consciously, say “Thank you,“ for your life as it is now, and for the way you want it to be, thus leaving space for it to manifest.

3. The Connection Model

Become a Compassionate Watcher of your reactive mind and your vulnerable heart, while renouncing judgment and resentment.

These three practice models are at the heart of the Spiritual Resilience process which I will guide you through via email and private sessions, either on the phone or in person.

Contact me for more information regarding this life changing program. I will be happy to schedule a time to discuss how it can address your interests and needs, and allow you to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life.

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