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Tools & Techniques

Mental imagery (Also known as visualization)

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Mental imagery uses your imagination to access your inner wisdom, and is a practice for healing, discovery, transformation, and enlightened consciousness. This simple yet potent process provides you with a way to connect with spirit, and to tap into your natural healing power by turning your senses away from the clamor of everyday life to the world of imagination within. The images you experience may be triggered by thoughts, words, feelings, sounds, tastes, smells, or a combination of senses, and have a significant effect on your emotions and physiology, including the bio-electrical system of the body (i.e., the way we are wired). The process can be done with or without guidance and most exercises take less than a minute, some just a few seconds.

Mental imagery has no side effects, and can be easily used as a personal technique for creating a new way to live a more peaceful, resilient, and fulfilling life. It is effective for preventing and healing illness and disease, as well as for generating specific core changes in the way your body functions, such as creating more fertile ground for conception and birth, a stronger immune system, and a calm emotional and physical core.

By using your imagination you bypass the logical mind, which is often attached to limiting beliefs, and enter a realm of possibility where time has no bearing, and the game of life is wide open for you to participate, in any way you choose.

Contact me to learn more about this revelatory and healing technique.


As a Project Manager for a worldwide Heavy Civil construction company I, literally, deal with “the concrete” every day. Working with Fran has helped me understand there is more than just what we can see and touch— how everything is connected and to see the signs and read the glyphs. No accidents, no coincidences. Several years back I was unhappy at work and did not realize how much until I had a dream that the project I was working on burned down. In the dream I was relieved. It was then that it knew it was time to move on… READ MORE

– Karen Dorsey, Project Manager, Heavy Civil Construction


Reversing is a process for dis-creating and transforming the beliefs, events, thoughts, and emotions that keep you mentally and physically stuck, and that prevent you from connecting with your mission and purpose here in this world.

You simply observe (without judging) the events, feelings, thoughts, and beliefs  that interfere with your sense of well-being in daily life, and Reverse these with images, verbal triggers, and affirmative statements, at times combining an image with  a movement or a sound. This process allows you to gain self-mastery via detachment from your habitual, mechanical mindset, and to make the necessary turn that sets you free. Contact me to learn more about this powerful technique.


Your dreams mirror your feelings and beliefs, and reveal truths and advice about your current life. By choosing to re-enter a dream you can complete and/ change it, and thus expand, empower, and enrich your way of  living in this world and in that one as well. Dreamwork can be hugely rewarding — a powerful way to connect to your Higher Self and to spirit, as well as to experience other realms.  Beyond this it provides you with an active process that leads to facing your fears, and thus to be able to embark upon a richer, more fulfilling, and happier life. Contact me to learn more.


A unique empowerment process that creates detachment from painful history and relationships. This active, physical and verbal process was originated with the help of my colleague, Dr. Lydia Craigmyle, creator of the Craigmyle Calming Technique. Contact me to learn more

The Dis-Emergency Practice*

A powerful practice of awakening that shifts your thinking from a state of reactive, enslaved, fight or flight — “False Emergency”— to a state of clarity, balance and freedom (based on the work of Rhondell,* and shared with me by Dr. Gerald Epstein.

Contact me to learn more about this life changing technique.

The Craigmyle Calming TechniqueTM

A healing technique created by Dr. Lydia Craigmyle that generates a rapid shift from disturbing mental and physical states such as anxiety, panic, anger, fear, repetitive thought, depression, or feeling stuck,  to a state of calmness and enhanced creativity. Contact me to learn more.


An age old technique that uses sound to quiet our minds and change our way of being in the world. Everything in creation vibrates. When we change our vibration we change our lives, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This chanting technique uses the Western musical scale and the notes  E, C, and D, (or Mi-Do-Re).   It can be used to free an un-lived quality, to bring harmony and balance, and to change a habit. Its effect is both calming and enlivening.

Click Here to Listen: Demo Chanting

* * *

 *Rhondell (Dr. Bob Gibson) created a school of thought known as “The Science of Man.” Once you find your way to his teachings (they are not advertised or actively sold), consciousness shifts and life is transformed. Rhondell ‘s work leads us to know that our purpose is not to constantly seek comfort, but to evolve into a Conscious Oneness with Spirit — And to realize our true nature. If this piques your interest, you can learn more at

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