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Fran Greenfield



Barbara Bachner, Artist

Since a friend referred me to Fran some years ago I have been privileged to be the recipient of her spiritual aura and her tough love. Moaning about the past is not on her agenda. What matters is creating a present and, as a result, a future. By “creating” I mean giving attention to what is valuable, and visualizing even better, both spiritually and materially. It is a daily practice that I am pleased to say, bears results.

Carol Korbel Monroe, Artist and Designer

Before I sought Fran’s help there were times when fear and anxiety weighed me down like a blanket of doom that I couldn’t shake. Fran showed me how to shift my focus to see things in a far healthier way.  It was as though I had moved a dial to a different setting, another plane, one of clarity, light and optimism. Once again the sanest, highest author of my vision was in control. The results of the tools she shares are instantaneous and reconnect you with what you already have within you.  I cannot recommend her services highly enough. Her contribution to my life has been invaluable.

Erica Lewis, Attorney and Entrepreneur

My experience working with Fran was a blessing. Through her warm and engaging style, I found a powerful advisor, ally and resource. She was the first person I’d met who encouraged me to stop being nice and people pleasing. This came as a shock to my system. Through her I learned to allow other people’s opinions of me to remain opinions and not something that influenced how I felt about myself. She gave me many tools and methods to stretch outside of the limitations that I had boxed myself into. She exposed me to works and concepts that have enriched my life. Through her I learned to withstand the vicissitudes of life without allowing them to shake me. She taught me that I am the one who gives away my power. It was a hard lesson about accepting responsibility and not blaming others. However, the tools and resources that she provided me with started me on the path to healing. She also made me realize that inner work is a journey of discovery that does not end… we always have work to do- that is why it is important to learn the lesson of resilience. Fran is adept at change and speaking her truth. I love that about her and I aspire to be more that way. I pray that you have the opportunity to connect with her. It’s an experience that is likely to enrich and inspire you!

Fritz N, Medical doctor

When I first met Fran, I was at a crossroads; I was in my second year of medical school and having trouble taking a test, one that I had to pass to move on to the next level. Though I had been doing okay to that point, for some reason, I was blocked. The school allowed you three tries and I had already used up two of them. If I failed again I would have been asked to leave. I was in $200,000 of school debt, my relationship with my parents was strained, I was struggling with social relationships had no clue what was going on and was getting very frustrated. One of the first things Fran said to me was “Do you want to be a doctor or not?” Up to that point, I had passively chosen to go to medical school but never asked myself that question.  I realized through our work together that I had nothing motivating me; my struggle with the test mirrored my ambivalence about going into medicine. After a few weeks, I decided that I was going to take it one step at a time. I decided to finish medical school and worry about the rest later. That decision to actively pursue medicine as my goal gave me a sense of relief and renewed focus.

Fran helped me to develop a visualization program that I used over the next several months while attending a special program to train for my exam. The benefits of this work included thinking more clearly and improved focus. I was able to take difficult situations and work through them via visualizations. This type of work is different than other forms of therapy: it goes beyond discussion and linear thinking and employs the use of imagination, which is unlimited and focused in the present moment.

I passed my special exam with honors, achieved all honors in my last semester of medical school, and was recruited by a hospital, considered to be one of the top in the country. I have since passed my internship, residency, fellowship, medical licensure and national board exams, and I am planning to take specialty board exams this year. Although I did not plan all this, my conscious decision to become a doctor led things to unfold naturally. Through this whole time I have kept in close contact with Fran, and my work with her has progressed to where it’s more spiritual in its nature, which I feel it the ultimate issue that everyone comes to deal with. I hope that in the future I will be able to continue this progression and I thank Fran for all of her help and generosity.

Janine Craane,  VP, Financial Advisor, Craane Group

Fran’s work harnesses your imagination and unlocks your own secret code. The power of imagery generated by our own words, emotions, experiences and feelings, captures the range of human and spiritual dilemmas. It’s the perfect tool for overcoming your fears, nightmares, destructive patterns and limiting beliefs. After 40 it helped me give birth easily and with great joy, to two beautiful children.

As I faced some terrifying times in terms of the business dynamic and the financial markets it helped me find the courage, vision and determination to see myself through to a place of prosperity. Working with Fran also allowed me to use my experience with kidney cancer as an opportunity to awaken the power of my imagination and spirit, leading me to live a fuller and more satisfying life. This work is so potent that a few sessions may be all you need to deal with a particular challenge. I have also found that by reshaping my thinking about what is possible I can now serve as a strong source of inspiration and healing for others.

Joan S,  Teacher and Learner (who is grateful to be here at the party)

Fran has saved me from every major (or minor) crisis I’ve had in the past 10 years.
Actually it was she who taught me how to distinguish between the two by helping me to understand about “false emergencies.” I once told her that the whole world should go to her. I still think so. I’ve called her a guru, but she’s much more than that. Fran is an endlessly wise woman, who will listen to you (really listen) and then help you to find solutions. Once her lessons have ended (and you will wish they wouldn’t because you will leave each session smarter and clearer), you will know how to move forward on your own. Best of all, she’ll always be there if you need a tune-up!

Karen Dorsey, Project Manager, Heavy Civil Construction

As a Project Manager for a large, worldwide Heavy Civil construction company I, literally, deal with “the concrete” every day. Working with Fran has helped me understand there is more than just what we can see and touch— how everything is connected and to see the signs and read the glyphs. No accidents, no coincidences. Several years back I was unhappy at work and did not realize how much until I had a dream that the project I was working on burned down. In the dream I was relieved. It was then that it knew it was time to move on. Had I not worked with Fran I would not have made the connection. I work in a high stress, high intensity business. I know from the work with Fran that mental and emotional stress and unhappiness manifest in the physical and that my physical health depends on my emotional health. It is an easy connection actually, and once I made it I looked at everything in my life holistically. If I am not happy in my work life or my personal life I am out of balance and unwell. I choose to make the correction so that I can lead a healthy, happy life. It’s as simple and “concrete” as that.

Lauren Adams, Seashell Gems, Owner, Designer

If you have found your way to Fran, see it as fortuitous; she is a wise and trustworthy confidant. With keen “in-sight” she develops powerful imaginable exercises that are transformative. When seeking council her guidance and support will help you through the vicissitudes of daily Life. She is a rare find.

Pat Kusnick, Geriatric Consultant

During the time I’ve known Fran I have changed from being insecure and frightened to becoming someone who is comfortable being me. I’ve learned that changing my beliefs can transform my outlook and my life. Doing my visualization practice is a way of breaking free from the crazy institutionalized beliefs running around inside my head – the ones that tell me I should worry about what other people think of me, and that I need to approach my life in a particular way. I’ve been to therapists who talk and then you talk, and figure out why, why, why, why, but you’re still stuck with the same way of doing your life. With Fran, you quickly get the tools you need to reverse this useless pattern as she guides you through the challenge of changing your life from the inside out and becoming who you truly are. I admire her greatly and am thankful she makes this type of transformation possible.

Rebecca McCarthy,  Graduate Student

I have been a client of Fran’s since late 2007, when I was suffering from social anxiety to the point where I was agoraphobic and had to really motivate myself just to go to school every day. In my time spent working with Fran, we’ve used a mixture of discussion, imagery exercises, mantras, and belief management techniques, and my anxiety has decreased greatly. I no longer feel the need to push myself just to go outside, and I often feel excited and happy about hanging out with friends, something that I definitely didn’t feel in my more agoraphobic days. I highly recommend Fran and her work!

Suzanne Bachner, Writer/ Director

Working with the incredible and gifted Fran Greenfield is continually inspiring, empowering and transformative.  It has helped me find balance and center, allowed possibility and positivity to increase exponentially, and to unfold in ways I did not know were possible.  What Fran offers is essential to living a more creative and fulfilling life.

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