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12 Step Imagery

12 Step Imagery

If you have felt constrained, uninspired , or just plain bored by the 12 Step program, I get it, and so do many others.  Although the steps have been a blessing to the recovery effort of millions of people throughout the world, they can sometimes get tiresome and stale. In plain words, the Steps alone, worked in the usual way,  are not the answer for everyone.

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Acts of Alchemy

12 Step Imagery: For Healing & Recovery

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12 Step Imagery: A Breakthrough System for healing and Recovery

This program provides those who are searching for a new approach to healing addiction with an innovative way to work the steps. A way that offers a holistic, non-linear, and “felt” experience that gets you out of working the steps via your head and shows you how to work them, instead, from the heart!  The Steps remain at the core but you are no longer attached to story- telling, dredging up old wounds, or labeling yourself as “defective” or as an alcoholic.  Instead, you work the steps through imagination, which is unlimited and unlimiting, and which sets you on a path to freedom, healing, and true joy.

Yes, you may not be able to have alcohol in your life,  and that is good to acknowledge, but by working the steps with brief imagery exercises that you can easily do on your own, you go beyond the labels and stories that chain you to the past and make the connection with spirit that releases you to be who you really are — your Authentic Creative and loving Self.

Standard Coaching Package @ $400 per month
Offers you two hours of private coaching per month, in addition to an initial complementary 20 minute phone consultation with email access 3 times per week between sessions.

Extended Coaching Package @ $1100 for 3 months
Offers two hours of coaching per month for 3 months, with email access 3 times a week between sessions.

Expanded Coaching Package @ $1700 for 5 months
Offers two hours of coaching per month for 5 months with email access between sessions

You may also book individual one hour coaching sessions with follow up email time @ $220 per session.

Private Coaching to Work the 12 Step Imagery Program

“Acts of Alchemy: Using 12 Step Imagery to Transform Addiction and Illness Into Healing and Joy”

will soon be available through this website and on Amazon.  You may sign up right here for a free preview of the book and then decide if you want to purchase it for yourself as well as for friends whom you believe may benefit from its perspective.

If you want to work the program with me as your guide, please contact me and we will set up a time to speak when we can discuss your interests and the options available for creating a personal coaching program to suit your needs.

Meanwhile, I look forward to hearing from you and wish you the very best on this journey.