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I invite you to contact me via this page.  Please fill in your information below and I will be in touch soon.

To see if what I offer is a match with your interests and needs, I suggest that you make an appointment to Schedule a Free Half Hour Discovery Session.You can use the Opt-in Box below to do this.

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You Are More

To read and remember when you are feeling overwhelmed, or out of control

You have gone through difficult times before. It will pass. Just be aware that you are not the anger or the sadness, the disappointment or the fear. You are far more than that. You  are “Pure Consciousness” creating life anew at each and every moment.

When you get stuck I am here for you, to share secrets, steps, stories, images, and all manner of calming techniques so that you may become your own healer and then make a contribution by paying it forward in the world.

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